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The Science Behind The Sparkle …

Cut is the biggest determiner of the 4c’s in regards to the finished diamond’s sparkle and scintillation.

What makes the cut of the Cien Amore Diamond come alive is not only the number of facets but the positioning and shape of each facet.

Cien Amore Values

In order to cut a diamond into a Cien Amore quality gem, much of the material of the rough diamond must be sacrificed. In an ordinary faceted diamond, the diamond cutters cut the stone for the highest yield, sacrificing the maximum fire and brilliance for the sake of profitability.

Once the stone is lovingly cut and polished to strict Cien Amore standards, it is set in a solid 14 karat precious gold designer mounting.

The finished piece is then inspected twice by two separate experts in fine jewelry. Every piece must first pass a rigorous set of standards before it leaves the studio.

Cien Amore

The cut of a Cien Amore Diamond comes alive as a result of both the number of facets as well as the positioning of each facet.

100 Facets 100%
Exclusive Diamond set "100" Stamp inside the Shank 100%
Laser Inscribed Diamond 100%
EGL Diamond Light Performance Report 100%